Tips For Removing Adhesive From Laminate Flooring Materials

Posted on: 5 May 2017

If you have a laminate floor in your home, then you likely understand that the flooring material cannot be cleaned with abrasive cleaners or scrub brushes. These things can destroy the many layers of the floor. The main layers are made up of an inner core made from fiberboard, an image layer, and a protective coating of polyurethane on top. If a glue or another type of adhesive falls on the laminate, then it may be extremely difficult to remove. If this happens, then there are several ways to release the adhesive without destroying the floor.

Use A Solvent

Solvents are great when it comes to removing and releasing adhesives from flooring materials. Solvents actively soften the adhesive so the flexible glue can release from the laminate surface. Sometimes a little bit of scraping is required to remove the glue, so you should use something that will not damage the floor. A paint scraper can work well for this. 

There are several solvents that can be used to clean adhesive. You should start with the most gentle option and then use stronger ones if the glue does not release. Nail polish remover should be used first. Place only enough of the fluid on the glue to cover it. Use a cotton cloth to wipe the area after letting the solvent sit for 15 minutes. If the glue does not release, then give the scraper a try.

If the nail polish remover does not work, then it is time to try some mineral spirits or lighter fluid. Allow the fluid to sit, and then try rubbing and scraping. You can use paint thinner as well or a commercial solvent, but be careful with these sorts of products because they will release fumes into the air. Always use them in a well-ventilated area. 

Use A Hair Dryer Or Iron

If the glue does not release with the help of a solvent, then you can use heat to soften the glue instead. There are two tactics you can try. The first involves your hair dryer. Place the appliance on medium heat and angle the flow of air released from it towards the adhesive. Allow the glue to heat up for 15 minutes. Use a cloth or a scraper to release the softened glue.

If the hair dryer does not work, then you can place a cotton cloth over the adhesive. Place your clothes iron on medium heat and run it over the cloth steadily for 5 minutes. The glue should release and stick to the cloth.


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