Three Wood Floor Care Tips

Posted on: 9 May 2017

Your floors are one of the largest portions of the home's interior. However, this part of your home will be subjected to rather intense wear due to the amount of foot traffic that the floor will experience. However, you should be mindful of several floor care tips that will greatly reduce the amount of damage that your home's floors will suffer.

Be Mindful Of The Shoes You Wear

It may not seem like the shoes that you wear in your house will be a major problem, but there are some shoes that can be extremely damaging to wood flooring. For example, it can be possible for high heels to leave divots in the flooring. Also, shoes that have particularly hard soles can cause scratching of the wood. To prevent removing your shoes from causing inconvenience, you should place a rug near the doors so that you can easily remove your shoes without having to do this outside.

Protect The Floor Against Moisture Damage

Moisture is a highly damaging substance that can come into the contact with your flooring. Unfortunately, some homeowners may underestimate the threat that routine exposure to moisture can represent. For example, mopping the floor can cause the wood to become discolored over the years. Rather, you should use a dust mop as these are design to remove dirt without needing the use of water. Also, if you leave wet clothing or other items on the floor, this can cause the wood to develop dark spots as this can allow rot to form as well as mold and mildew to grow beneath the surface of the wood. Once these damages occur, replacing the compromised sections of the flooring will be the only option for restoring its appearance.

Apply A Protective Coating To The Floor

Routine scuffing of the floor can gradually cause it to develop a hazy and dull appearance. While you may assume that there is nothing that can be done to prevent these scuffs from occurring, it is actually possible to greatly reduce the appearance of these scuffs by applying a protective coating. These coatings will form a thin, waxy layer that will prevent the actual wood from developing minor scratches as these scratches will form in the protective coat. Due to the fact that these coatings will gradually wear down, you will need to reapply them each year. You can reduce the frequency of needing to reapply these coatings by placing rugs throughout the most heavily traversed areas of your house.

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