Can You Handle Your Own Hardwood Refinishing Project?

Posted on: 12 July 2017

One of the best things about owning a hardwood floor is that it can be refinished. Homeowners can remove the old stain and apply a new finish that will make their floor look newer and completely different. Whether you are just looking to update your home style, or your floor needs to be resealed, a new stain will benefit your floor in more ways than one.

Refinishing your hardwood floor can be a perfect DIY project if you have the right tools. This article explains everything that you need to refinish hardwood floors. It should help you determine if it is a project that you want to take on yourself, or if you should leave it to professionals.

Can You Do the Physical Work?

First, you need to determine if you have the physical ability to do the work. Refinishing hardwood is exhausting work and it requires a lot of bending over and working on your knees, for long periods of time. It also depends on how many people you have helping. If you are doing the work yourself, it can be very time consuming and impractical. However, if you have a few capable helpers to streamline the work, and it can be manageable.

Sanding Off the Old Finish

The difficulty of the work also depends on how you decide to sand off the old finish. Professionals will use a stand-up drum sander because it quickens the process. You will also need some handheld power sanders so you can hit all the tight corners and edges that the large drum sander cannot reach.

If you are just doing a small room, you could possibly handle all the work with handheld sanders. Or, if you have a bunch of helpers, each equipped with a handheld sander, it might be quicker than using a drum sander. Drum sanders are large and clumsy, but they are easy to use and time efficient.

The Supplies You Need

You also need some basic masking supplies to prepare your floor before sanding it. No matter what type of sander you use, there is going to be a lot of sawdust. This can travel and get all over everything, from the walls to the ceiling. Most importantly, you want some painters plastic to cover all of your window and door fixtures. You also need painters tape and cardboard to cover your baseboard. This is particularly important when using a drum sander, because you don't want it to hit the baseboard and destroy the wood.

Refinishing hardwood floors is hard work, but it is certainly manageable if you have the right tools. To learn more, contact services that install flooring and cabinetry in your area.


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