Four Ways To Avoid Scratches And Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Posted on: 12 August 2019

Hardwood floors add elegance to your home but can be challenging to maintain. Learning how to maintain your hardwood floors will help to keep them in pristine condition

Mats Are Your Friend

When you have wood flooring, you'll want to use mats, area rugs, and runners to their fullest potential to protect your flooring. Place these floor coverings in strategic areas.

Entry mats at every door protect your floors from debris, water, and salt damage. Area rugs are best utilized under your furniture to protect from scuffing. You'll want area rugs large enough to make sure chairs remain on the rugs, even when pulled out from a table. Runners should be used in hallways and other high-traffic areas.

Not All Cleaning Products Are Created Equally

When cleaning your wood flooring, be sure to make sure your cleaning products are safe for use on hardwood. Vacuum cleaners also can be a culprit for scratching your wood flooring. Some vacuum rollers are designed to thoroughly brush carpeting. These bristles can be too hard for some floors and may cut the wood. Your vacuum will specify if it is safe for use on wood floors in the manufacturer's instructions.

Keep Things Clean

Dirt, sand, and other debris naturally erode the protective coating on your floor. As debris compiles, on your floor it will sand away the protective coating on the wood. Walking over dusty floors can exacerbate this problem by grinding the debris into the floor with your footsteps. Sweeping regularly can help protect against erosion.

Periodically, you will want to have your floors resealed, even if you are taking diligent care of them. You may notice the sealed surface of your floor looking a little more dull. This erosion process normally takes a few years before you have to think about resealing your floors. However, you will want to do it before any scratches can pierce the coating on your floor.

Check Your Shoes At The Door

Using a mudroom or shoe storage system to kick off your shoes will help protect your hardwood floors from unnecessary scuffs. Boots and high-heel shoes are particularly bad for leaving scuff marks.

If the scratches are too deep, you may want to consider having your hardwood floors resurfaced. If you're considering having your floors resurfaced, you should reach out to hardwood floor installation and service specialist. They will be able to advise you if resurfacing is the right choice for your floors.


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