5 Signs That You Need Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Posted on: 5 April 2021

Do you know that wood floor refinishing can make your wooden floors shine and gleam again? If your wood floors are fading or they have excess scratches and marks, refinishing is the perfect restoration option. Hardwood floors are popular due to their beauty and durability. The right wood tone and texture give your home the right ambiance and increase your home's value. If you notice signs of fading, unsightly scratches, and marks, you need to call hardwood floor refinishing professionals.

Here are signs you need hardwood floor refinishing services.

1. Too Many Scratches

Hardwood floors get scratches over time. However, you worry over every tiny scratch you find. However, if you notice many scratches showing through the stain, you should get wood floor refinishing. 

If the scratches are concentrated in one area and you can't cover them with a rug, call wood refinishing professionals. If these scratches have cut through the stain and your wood is exposed, water could seep in and cause damage. Refinishing protects your wooden floors from water damage, and you should act quickly if deep scratches are all over your floors.

2. Visible Water Stains

If your floorboards show signs of water damage, you should get wood floor refinishing technicians. You can avoid this by taking care of water spills quickly. If it's a plumbing leak, pet accident, or AC drips, the droplets can leave ugly stains on the surface. When you see these signs, contact a reliable hardwood floor refinishing company.

3. Boards Have Turned Gray

If floorboards turn gray, you need wood floor refinishing services. Once the polyurethane coat wears off due to friction, spilled drinks, pet paws, or cleaning agents, wood absorbs the water. Over time, it gets oxidized and gradually turns gray. If you ignore wood floor refinishing, your floor could turn black and force you to replace it entirely. You should request hardwood floor refinishing services to save your prized floor.

4. Fading and Discoloration

Harmful UV rays from the sun cause your floor to fade. If you see signs of fading near windows, you should refinish your floors. You can apply a new stain to give your floor a uniform appearance.

5. Changing Trends and Styles

Over time, new hardwood floor trends emerge. Even if you have a perfectly maintained hardwood floor, you might want to update it. Refinishing lets you add a brand-new tone, and it increases your homes' resale value. You can contact a hardwood floor refinishing company to advise you whenever you want to switch your style.

If you need wood floor refinishing services, talk to a hardwood floor refinishing service near you.


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